It is very important that all staff members assigned to maintain school buildings be thoroughly screened.  All Crystal Blue staff members assigned to schools go through the following screening process:


Initial Screening: The screening process starts with our Human Resource Department weeding out applicants that obviously will not fit in well with the school environment. Some traits that might eliminate an applicant for consideration for a school assignment are poor communication skills,offensive tattoos, evasiveness, or signs of aggressiveness.  We seek employees that staff and students will be comfortable around.


Reference Checking: The work history is confirmed by contacting past employers to check the accuracy of dates of employment, lapses in employment or any idiciation that the applicant left under adverse circumstances.


Interviewing: Once passing the reference check stage, the candidate is interviewed. The interview goes far beyond asking simple questions.  The HR recruiters are seasoned professionals, and are able to identify those best fit for our team.


Social Security Check: The name of the candidate and the social security number of the candidate are validated by the Social Security Administration.  This assures that the candidate is who he/she says they are, and elminiates the chance that a person without proper documentation is allowed to access your facilities.


Drug Screening: Candidates considered for a school assignment must pass a five panel random drug screen to being allowed into any school facility.


Background Check: Each candidate must have not been convicted of a crime against person or property, a drug conviction or a felony conviction.  The background check gives an immediate record of any conviction.


Substitute Cleaners: Substitute cleaners must pass all the above screening, as well.