Crystal Blue is owned by Thomas G. Olin who started the company in October of 1995. Mr. Olin is a graduate of Fordham College where he received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Psychology. Mr. Olin graduated Fordham University of Law with a Juris Doctor. Upon graduation from law school, Mr. Olin was appointed with the position of Assistant District Attorney where he was heavily involved in the field of law enforcement for over 15 years. Upon retiring from law enforcement, Mr. Olin then founded Crystal Blue.  The law enforcement background has been a tremendous asset to both Crystal Blue and its customers. Because of Mr. Olin’s vast knowledge in law enforcement, Mr. Olin has initiated many programs in the screening and selection of our workforce. We also have at Crystal Blue a strong employee theft prevention program. Mr. Olin successfully expanded his company to service the tri-state area and employing hundreds of dedicated cleaning personnel, skilled special project cleaners specializing in floor care, carpet care, upholstery, and windows, building mechanical and maintenance professionals, quality control representatives, account personnel, and office management and support personnel. Mr. Olin not only has a strong interest in cleaning, but his commitment and involvement to the community is outstanding. For example, Crystal Blue is involved with a training program for developmentally disabled adults from The Institutes of Applied Human Dynamics, Inc., a.k.a “IAHD”. Only with customer approval do we assign qualified individuals to accounts, where a job coach accompanies them. In addition, Mr. Olin is a strong supporter and served as the Vice President on the board for the Westchester branch “National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, a.k.a “NCADD.”